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Boat Health & Safety Mooring Device

GROUNDLINE GRAB was created out of the necessity for health and safety when working with lines under extreme tension. 


GROUNDLINE GRAB is a device that helps to hold, a boat ground line to cleat for a safe tie up when mooring secure and release tension on lines, while keeping your crew safe from potential injuries. GROUNDLINE GRAB is easy to use and can be quickly installed onto any existing line. It is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and safe way to work with lines under extreme tension. It is the perfect way to keep your crew safe and your lines under control.


  • Eliminates the stress of securing tensioned ropes. 

  • Can be used on any ropes under stress and on winches.

  • Makes the operation very time efficient and also makes a two person operation in to a one person operation i.e. used by a single operative.

  • Making the whole operation cost effective in time and efficiency.

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Boat GroundLine Grab To Cleat Safe Tie Up & Mooring 

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