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Boat health & safety device for any groundline 


GROUNDLINE GRAB  was born out of my workings on super yachts.

Out of the many operations that I was involved with in the function of the super yacht , health and safety was the no. 1 priority on the boats, but when it came to winching the groundline in, or in fact any line, whether it was from the sea bed or the dock lines, we were still in the 'dark ages' when it came to the safety of securing these lines.

Being asked to secure these lines with a 'stopper rope' and having to operate in the 'snap back' area, whilst trying to attach a knot, was in my opinion and other deck hands opinions, not taking any health and safety in to consideration.

The GROUNDLINE GRAB  is an efficient and safe way of securing the tensioned lines and is the only product that has been specifically designed for this 'one operation '

The dangers of groundline snap back

Can I use just one GROUNDLINE GRAB for all my mooring landlines?


Do I need to have GROUNDLINE GRAB permanently attached to the mooring line?

Yes, but it is advisable to carry two ie. when mooring you attach lines on both bow and stern.

No, once you have secured the tensioned line to the cleat, you can remove the GROUNDLINE GRAB.

Why do I need a GROUNDLINE GRAB?

GROUND LINE GRAB has been designed to eliminate dangers from lines under tension.

Does the GROUNDLINE GRAB allow me to have the mooring landline under tension?

GROUNDLINE GRAB has been designed to eliminate dangers from lines under tension. To ignore these dangers and not use the necessary tools would be deemed negligent

What is the minimum size boat that I can use GROUNDLINE GRAB on?

In our opinion any boat over 50ft for health and safety reasons need to have lines under tension to avoid any excessive movement, but any boat in bad weather in a marina, needs to have their lines tightened.

What is the largest boat I can use the GROUNDLINE GRAB on?

GROUNDLINE GRAB can be used on any vessel, even on commercial boats

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