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Basic boat mooring procedures.

Safe Boat Mooring

Make sure that the boat is properly secured to the dock before leaving it unattended. By following the simple advice below you can put your mind at ease on how to safely tie up your boat. Also be aware that there are generally harbour and mooring charges and can vary in cost depending on where you are.

Fenders and lines are an essential part of any boat owner's gear. They allow you to protect your vessel from rubbing against docks, other boats in the water or even objects on shorelines while pulling up next too them at launch angles that would otherwise cause damage if not carefully managed with these safety features! You need to inspect these on a regular basis as without fully functioning fenders you could cause damage to not only your boat but adjacent boats too.

The groundlines of a boat can make or break its success. Make sure that you have the right size and strength for your weight so it will last as long as possible! Be sure that there is no damage or fraying as the groundline is the most important part of the ship when it comes to tying up. If there is damage then you must replace ASAP.

Boat Mooring In Harbour

Make sure that the groundlines are securely fastened to the cleats safely and the cleats are not damaged in anyway as they could come loose in bad weather. A cleat hitch is the best way of tying up your boat safely and securely.

Check the weather conditions before leaving the boat unattended for extended periods of time. It might be prudent to make regular checkups on your boat in bad weather to make sure there is no storm damage or anything coming lose especially the ground lines.

Inform the harbour authorities if you plan on leaving the boat unattended for an extended period of time, and make sure you give them your contact details just incase there is a problem.

Most of the above is common sense and does not require much thinking about. Bearing in mind these are just basic rules to follow each harbour might have specific mooring conditions to follow so make sure you check with the harbour master on any other actions you need to do before leaving your boat unattended.

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